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Tuition Fees

Destiny & Dominion Worship Training Centre maintains the philosophy that a quality, spiritual education that trains an individual for service to the Lord Jesus Christ should not leave that individual with an oppressive financial debt.

We, therefore, have not sought the very costly accreditation that leads to qualification for government guaranteed student loans.  Institutions using such loans generally charge the maximum tuition allowable, leaving the student with a sizable debt at the completion of their education.  For those called to the ministry, it can be very difficult to obey God’s calling with this type of debt lingering over their finances.  

Destiny & Dominion Worship Training Centre also does not participate in government-sponsored grants.  Our approach is to provide the most affordable quality, spiritual education that we can as a ministry to the Lord and to His servants.

2011/2012 Tuition Fees

Part Time - For Credit (9 Months)

Theology Stream: $160.00 / month - $1,440.00

Group Music Stream: $120.00 / month - $1,080.00

Applied Music Stream: $120.00 / month - $1080.00

FULL TIME - FOR CREDIT (9 MONTHS): $400.00 / month - $3,600.00

Part Time - Audit

Theology Stream: $60.00 / course

All Music Streams: Contact Our Office

Cost of handouts are included for all students. Cost of textbooks are included for credit students only. Audit students must purchase their textbooks.

All payments must be made by the 10th of each month.

All payments/fees must be paid in full in order to graduate. Destiny & Dominion Worship Training Centre reserves the right to refuse admission of any student who defaults on payment to any class.

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