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Seminars & Workshops

Would you like your Worship Team to learn more about worship and ministry life?

Now you can bring Destiny & Dominion Worship Training Centre to your local church for training, equipping, teaching,a nd imparting in your Worship Team!

Our one-day seminars, clinics, and workshops are designed to provide a well-rounded Bible and musical education, ministry tools for your Team and Leaders, and inspire a greater reliance on the Holy Spirit's power and leading.

We warmly invite you to contact us for a day of training and impartation. Your Team and Leaders will be empowered, refreshed, and fired up for greater ministry in your local church!


"The Lead Worshiper" Seminar

This seminar is geared toward church leadership in all departments.

  • Church Government
  • Ministerial Roles
    • The Worship Pastor / Minister
    • The Worship Leader
    • The Music Director
  • How to...
    • Build Your Team
    • Create Unity in Your Team
    • Handle Conflict in Your Team
    • Keep Your Team...
      • Enthusiastic
      • Motivated
      • Passionate

"Everything Worship" Seminar

This seminar combines condensed versions of the "Understanding Worship" seminar and "The Skilled Musician" workshop (see below) and is the most comprehensive program we offer. This seminar will both equip you with new tools in all aspects of praise and worship and empower you to use them more effectively.

"Understanding Worship" Seminar

  • The Prayer Closet
  • Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth: What does it mean?
  • Worshiping in Faith
  • understanding the Fear of the Lord
  • How Fellowship Shapes Worship
  • How to Use Praise as Warfare
  • The Work of HOly Spirit in Worship
  • The Role of the Worship Ministry in the Local Body


"The Skilled Musician" Workshop

  • The Purpose & Value of Music Theory & Ear Training
  • Learning Keyboard Notes
  • Basic Note-Reading (Treble Clef)
  • Introduction to Solfège
  • How To Read A Lead Sheet
  • Vocal Training
    • Vocal Hygiene
    • Breathing
    • Technical Exercises
    • Intonation
    • Increasing Your Range (Chest & Head Voice)
    • Projection
    • Diction
    • Harmony
    • Free Worship
  • Instrumental Training
    • Tightness: Creating the Pocket
    • Chords & Voicings
    • Chord Substitutions
    • Transitions: Intros & Outros
    • Blending
    • Lead Instrument Use in Worship
    • Playing during Free Worship
    • How to Worship with Your Instrument
  • Hearing Harmonies
  • Sound
  • Stage Presence & Communication

"The Psalmist" Workshop

  • What is inspiration?
  • Music as a Vehicle
  • Receiving Worship Through Music
  • Lucifer's Original Purpose and Why He Fell
  • Why You Can't Use the World to Reach the World
  • Gifts Without Repentance
  • Writing "Word" Songs
  • Singing Spiritual Songs
  • Musicians as Prophets
  • Writing Songs of War for Spiritual Warfare
  • Christian Perspectives in "Non-Worship" Songs


"Holy Spirit Led Worship" Clinic

  • The Promise of Holy Spirit
  • The Person of Holy Spirit
  • The Work of Holy Spirit
  • The Baptism of Holy Spirit
  • The Gifts of Holy Spirit
  • The Role of Holy Spirit in Worship
  • The Purpose and Power of Spirit-Led Worship
  • Learning to Listen to and Obey Holy Spirit

"Conquering Adversity In Worship" Clinic

In this clinic, you will learn how to identify and deal effectively with common hindrances and obstacles to worship ministry in order to bring your Team to a higher level of service in your local church.

Learn how to conquer the following:

  • Offense
  • Hurt
  • Gossip
  • Fear of Man
  • Rebellion
  • Control & Manipulation
  • Selfish Ambition
  • Greed

"The Impartation" Clinic

  • Identifying your Team Vision, Goals, and Challenges (prior to clinic)
  • Praise & Worship Session (led by your Team)
  • Musical Assessment & Instruction
  • Ministry Impartation & Edification
  • Leadership Support
  • Identifying Needs: Open Discussion
  • Building a customized, personal, comprehensive program
    • Vocal Training
    • Instrumental Training
    • Theological Training
    • Ministerial Training

A downloadable, printable version of our seminars and workshops can be found here (.pdf).

If you would like more information, or to book a consultation or appointment to meet with us to discuss your church's needs, please contact our office.


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